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Do you run a small-size Business ?

Yes? Then you know that company visibility matters but PRICE and TIME commitments force you to prioritize other projects ahead of your online presence...

How it's works?

The steps to strengthen the company's reputation and credibility:


Get a Business Website

All registered companies on Biass get a working website in less than 5 minutes.

The Biass team has developed an easy tool to create a business website, helping entrepreneurs clearly present their business online. Biass Website Builder is designed for business owners and managers who want to increase sales promoting their products and services, build relationships with new business partners, hire new talent, and be followed by fans of their companies.

Create website        It's free!

Add Products and Services

The more products you add, the more visibility you get!

Once a website on Biass is created, the products and services have to be added. The more products company adds the more visibility its website will get from Biass Business Directory, search engines, and social media platforms.


Get company listed in Business Directory

All registered companies on Biass are listed in Business Directory

Having a website is just a step towards success. Another important step is to give visibility to your newly created website. Being listed in Biass Business Directory, company's website gets visibility in front of new customers, business partners, and employees.


Increase Website Traffic

Biass attracts customers for registered companies!

Biass attracts customers for created websites on platform. Each company’s listing on Biass Business Directory will make the company and its website known to thousands of visitors.

Frequently asked questions

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What Biass can do for a company?

Biass offers 2 services:
1. Listing in the Local Business Directory
2. Website Builder
How much do Biass services cost?

All Biass Services are free!
Can I pay for priority listing in the Business Directory?

Not. Any company can be listed ahead of others by adding complete company information. The more products and services a company adds the more visibility it will get.
How long does it take to register for Biass?

Registration on Biass is very fast. You just need to choose a site name, enter a password and validate your email.
The company closed. How to remove it from the listing?

If you are company representtive, then choose option "Claime Company" "Report as Closed Company"
I'm self-employed, can I use Bias services?

Yes, anyone who needs help promoting products and services can register on Biass and benefit from the services of this platform.
I'm interested in Bias services, but I don't have time

Please send us a message at [email protected]. A representative of our team will assist you.
Which companies are recommended on Biass?

All companies that add complete information about their business are randomly recommended on the Biass Platform.
Can a foreign company register on

Right now the Business Directory and Website Builder is launched in Canada, USA, and UK. For ALL other countries works Website Builder on platform.